Materials and tools needed bark (soaked in salt water), bobbins, wire, scissors, brushes.

Work on a toy starts with the production of the body. He is the principle of manufacture of the box. For this square (or rectangle) of bark from two opposite sides make the cut (as shown) and bend direction of the rectangle, the ends are glued together or fasten with wire.
The motor is made from two boxes without a bottom, one of which is more or less. To do this, take two strips of bark, fold them in half so that the width was equal to the length (2-3 cm), then glue them. This is done as follows: the smaller box put in more to make a closed cube. The cab performs on the same principle: also made a box without a bottom, only when gluing the remaining bark scraped and smeared it with glue. Then put the finished motor — the cube, glue, then glue the cab and the body of the toy.
The wheels are empty coil. Through them passed the wires that hooked the wheel-coil. So the wheels are free to rotate.

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