You will need birch bark cradle from the bark or wood, thread, or wire, paint, knife, awl, scissors, brush.

You need to prepare the bark of rectangular shape. With a knife carefully separate the thin top layer to the middle.
From a piece of birch bark rectangular shape is prepared sail. For this thin top layer of crust rise up. Then, in the center of the rear part of the bark with an awl to make the hole. The bark thus prepared is placed on a wooden stand or a piece of bark, holding it with his left hand, right hand make a puncture in the crust in a pre-planned place.
In the hole, put a string or thin wire and attach — turned sail. The extra end of the thread cut. The nose of the boat it is necessary to sharpen, cutting the corners of the bark with scissors.
The boat is ready. On the sail you can draw a sun or other image to your taste.

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