- To teach children to make paper three-dimensional designs.

- To develop associative and creative thinking, visual perception;

- To educate hudojestvenny taste..

Visuals: Illustration with pictures of filimonovskaya, Semyonov, Dymkovo toys

Literature number: S. Mikhalkov “bird radio”,

Equipment of the lesson: White and colored paper, glue, scissors,brushes.

Lesson plan:

1.Organizational moment.

2.The conversation about the role of the artist in creating the fairy-tale image based on the consideration and comparison of works of art. Learning how to construct birds using the routing.

3.Independent work of students. The structures birds from the white paper and the decorating details of colored paper.

4.Exhibition of works. Analysis and evaluation of art creativity of pupils.

5.Summing up the lesson.

The lesson:

1.To check availability of students in the classroom, prepare the workplace and materials.

2.Talk: Paper is the most available and easily machinable material. The decorative possibilities of paper unlimited. That's why in many countries it is used for making toys and decorations, and design festive processions. Artists and designers made paper models of devices,machines, tractors, architects - the layouts of various buildings, theatre artists, props, etc.

Every artist sees and represents the fabulous bird in his own way, makes this image a unique style. Features of the image also depend on the material from which to create a toy. Sample analyses the form and means of registration of the toy, its stylistic features.

Then, the routing master the methods of constructing poultry shows various methods of design and decoration.

3. Independent work.

4. Exhibition of works, Reflection.

5. Summing up the lesson.

Teaching pattern: app

Literature: N. M. Sokolnikov . Visual art and methods of teaching in elementary school. M. Publishing center of the Academy .1999.

V. S. Kuzin. Methods of teaching art 1-3классе. M. Education. 1979.

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