With the help of such simple and available to all molds, like plastic Cup, you can make a fancy soap in the "frame", the Gulf midway the basis of a different color and placing inside a decorative element. In this case, the soap curls.


Main ingredients:
• 150 grams white soap base
• 50 g transparent soap base
• 5 drops purple 2 drops red liquid dye
• 3 drops of essential oils of patchouli and lavender
• 2 drops essential oil of Mandarin
 Sheep Sheep
1. Manufacture of transparent, tinted with red dye bases of the whorl (see soap "Colored curls"). Pour into a large plastic Cup of melted white base touch up her purple dye. Fill with cold water a small glass and place it in the center of a large.
2. When the mixture has cooled, pour water, cut with scissors a small glass and take it out.
3. Put the resulting "pipe" red curls. Spray them and the inner walls of the "pipe" with alcohol and pour the melted white base, adding a blend of essential oils.
4. When the base has hardened, cut the glass, remove the soap and cut it into slices.

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