Soap, which is a whirlwind mix two or more contrasting colors, looks very impressive. The secret of its manufacture is the temperature of the mixing bases different colors. If it is too high, the "cloud" will turn into a murky haze, if too low - the basics blended and just go ugly shapeless layers.


Main ingredients:
• 30 grams white soap base
• 100 gr of transparent soap base
• 3 drops blue liquid dye
• 5 drops of fragrance "Cool water"
Cloud Cloud Cloud

1. At the same time melt in the microwave white and transparent basis. Last touch up blue dye. A while stir them to cool. Add transparent base flavoring and pour in a rectangular shape. If the base is still hot, continue to stir directly in the mold.
2. When the transparent base will start to cool, carefully pour into it a thin stream of white base Under the influence of gravity it will sink to the bottom and twisted vortices.
3. Wait until the soap has hardened, remove it from the mold.
4. Left to chop it into pieces 2-3 cm thick

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