Another variant of combining in one item white and transparent basis - this soap with colored curls. You can make curls from a white base, and the soap is transparent, and Vice versa. Try different combinations of colors. Give your imagination free!
Main ingredients:
• 100 g of white and transparent soap base
• 3 drops of red and green liquid dye
• 1/2 teaspoon oil of peach pits

Colored curls

1. A few tanks will melt transparent basis. In one, add the red dye, the other green, to the Foundation become saturated bright color. Pour the resulting mixture into two identical rectangular shape.
2. When the cubes of colored soap has hardened, remove them from the forms. With a vegetable peeler, cut with their small parties in thin shavings. Particularly useful in the knife with a "floating" blade.
3. Compose colored curls on your own - for example, insert one into the other.
4. Place the curls in shape. The more you have, the more stable they will be.
5 - For best adhesion, spray the curls with alcohol.
6. Melt the white base, add the peach seed oil and pour into the form.
It is desirable that the part of the curls protrude above the surface of the base. Make sure to fill all the cavities. If the base becomes too hot, it will melt the curls if too cold will not stick to them. Over time you will learn to identify the desired temperature,
7. When the soap has cooled, remove it from the form and brownite long, sharp knife. The slices will open all the beauty of this soap. Look for clearance - it will sparkle like stained glass.
Colored curls  Colored curls 
The Council
To cut the chips is best with freshly brewed soap. It is plastic and the chips are twisted into a beautiful spiral. But rested, dried out soap in the future may crack and break.
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