With this soap, it is possible to tell your loved one about their feelings. For this you will need a special water-soluble paper. Unlike simple paper, it is well preserved in soap base and breaks into small fibers coming in contact with water without sinking in lumps. The text of the message can be printed on the computer and then print or draw on paper with pencils or pen with waterproof ink.
As moulds for soap you can use rigid plastic packaging in the form of volume of the heart, consisting of two halves.


Main ingredients:
• 100 gr of transparent soap base
• 2 drops red liquid dye
• sheet of water soluble paper
• 5 drops of essential oil ylang-ylang


Talking heart

Talking heart

1. With the help of laser printer to print on water soluble paper and text with scissors cut the string. On one of the form halves make a hole unit for burning wood.

2. Gently lay line of your message inside of one half.
3. Connect the halves of the form, the Cut lines should be evenly distributed inside it.
4. Melt transparent basis, add the red dye and ylang-ylang. Fold in half a small piece of foil and pour a mixture of groove through the hole to the inside of the molds. Several hours later, carefully open the form - the finished soap will fall into your hands. It happens that the ink inside the soap spread out. To avoid this, dip the paper with the text in the melted transparent base and then remove. The Foundation quickly dries, forming a protective layer.


The Council
If you have printed text on an ink-jet printer, spray the paper with hairspray strong hold and set aside for a few days. This will make the ink more stable

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