Light, airy dress in the techniques associated coupling Hypernova and Brightcove lace. Partial dyeing of ready-made elements, a trademark of the author, giving a modern look to an ancient art.

The model is made crochet. Size: 42
You will need: 800 g x/cotton yarn, viscose white; hook № 2,5; needle; beads in malachite" round and oval beads > pearl"; a bit of fancy yarn with a NAP in white; acrylic paint in green.

The dress is made in the technique of coupling lace and Hypernova Brightcove. The use of small groups of motives allowed the author to create a harmonious composition. To simulate the silhouette of the product, getting the effects of expansion and asymmetry of the fabric, while maintaining the fashionable proportions, the author manages through the use of 2 variants of the original braid.

Details to copy a model is impossible, but being creative and the ability to improvise, You create a unique thing.

To start, working pattern (see Fig. 2), by their standards. Tie motifs of large flowers according to scheme 2 and flowers according to the scheme 2 and that first run the braid of the 6 festoons, lock in cool and tie scallops with Pico via the external circuit.

Then tie leaves of different sizes, in accordance with schemes 2 b and 2 V. should Not explicitly clone motives. Deviations from the proposed schemes are welcome, as, carried away by the creative process, You create your own, new and original versions.

To manipulate the size and shape of leaves can be due to:

  • promazyvanija greater (smaller) the number of the loops stacked chains of each petal;
  • the heights of the columns with SC under vyvazhivanii 1st number of fillet pattern. Gradually increasing the height of the bars to the top of the petal, You are modeling its contour;
  • change the height and co-i of the number of columns with SC under the banner of the 1st series.
  • change the number of VP cells in the loin range. It depends on the degree of delicacy of the motif.
  • Ready motifs iron on the reverse side.

    Next, lay them on the pattern face down, focusing on the location of the photo, or create your own composition.
    Then lock the most acceptable position of basting. Connect motifs together using a needle and thread on the reverse side of the canvas. Fill in the gaps with fragments of irregular meshes.

    To create the impression of integrity of the Lacy linen when filling patterns composition of motifs sostakovits side seams details. Continue vymazyvaja the braid schemes 2 g and 2 d and joining separate pieces of fabric and strips of lace with each other with a chain of VP or SC. Connection make, capturing alternately the edges of the connected elements in the rhythm, which determine experimentally in the process. The option of forming an openwork fabric, made in a combination of Hypernova lace braid and modeling extensions to the bottom of the dress, see figure 2 E.



    Dress and decorate the voluminous details. For this link scheme is 2 colors and tab them arbitrarily to identical motifs along the neckline. According to scheme 2 W knit spiral, shape of their flowers, then tab them on the dress. In the middle of the flower, attach pieces of yarn with a NAP.


    Next, proceed to the tonal coloration of individual fragments of acrylic fabric dye, following the instructions on the package. In conclusion, sew beads in the middle of flowers and delicate cells of petals of leaves.

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