Blue laced summer dress crochet 

Laced summer dress is a fashion trend this summer season and are intended for true fashionistas who love exclusive and original clothing.

What you need to vyvazhivanija dresses:

  • the yarn is 100% acrylic with a density of 350 m/ 100 g – 450 g;
  • hook No. 2.

Blue laced summer dress crochet Blue laced summer dress crochet Blue laced summer dress crochet

Job description is specified for a size 38. If your size is another pre-calculate and draw a pattern according to their settings and start to work.

Work process:

You will need indicators such as the density of knitting: a test specimen of size 10 cm x 10 cm should be 18 loops x 7 rows. With these calculations you can more easily repeat all the description of the work to adjust under the product.

  • The base of the dress. For the manufacture of dresses start with vyvazhivanija crochet a chain of 180 VP + 1 VP rise, joining her in the ring. Then knit according to scheme 1. at a distance of 53 cm then for another 19 cm evenly subtract 20 loops. Linking 72 cm the basics of the dress, job done.
  • Next knit bodice. This will be useful for scheme 2. It is necessary to link the 6 squares that connect polostevichi, to make 2 triangles. These parts attach to the base of the dress with an overlap of the two internal angles of a triangle in ½ cm
Now the fun part – building the product:
  • tie the bodice and the top edge of the back of the dress according to scheme 3;
  • tie straps, which you need to link 140 VP and tie their art. b/n. Tying straps and attach them to the dress, fixing at one edge on the back symmetrically to each other, and the other edge of the loop through the top corners of the bodice to get the like on the main photo;
  • hem process according to scheme 4;
  • decorate the skirt of the dress flounced using schemes 3 and 4, at a distance of 5 cm from each other. Should be 3 small and 8 large flounce.
  • Wash the finished product by hand and dry it in a horizontal position.

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