The smart kit crochet

Elegant set: a dress and a shawl to crochet. Crocheted panels connected on the plug give the originality and uniqueness of this model.

Size: 44-46.

You will need: 100 g yarn "KELEBEK" (100% cotton, 550 m/100 g] white with colored patches; 400 g of yarn "rainbow" (43% cotton, 57% viscose, 280 m/100 g) in white; 300 g of yarn "Narcissus, Combine them. Of Kirov" (100% cotton, 400 m/100 g) white color for trim; hooks №1.2 and №2; fork width 1 2 cm; large button for capes.
Basic patterns: the patterns of schemes 1, 2, 4 and 5;
tape, connected on the plug on the scheme 5A).

Execution. The product can also be worn backwards (see photo). The dress consists of a main cloth and tapes made on a fork.

1— Main fabric — yarn "rainbow" crochet No. 2 to cross-tie the braid on the SC. 3, repeating the repeats 80 times, to close in the ring and knit bottom-up pattern for CX. 1 to a height of 28 p.
Then go to pattern for CX. 2, and knit into another height, 12 p.
At a height of 38 cm from beginning work for a plunging neckline on the back thread of contrasting color to mark the center of the canvas of the backrest, to leave the average 20 rap. and on both sides of them to reduce in every row 1 2 times for 1 St/n of 48 cm from typesetting edge finish work.

2. Bottom detail — yarn "rainbow" crochet No. 2 to cross-tie the braid on the SC.3, repeating the rapport 80 times in width, close to the ring and knit from the bottom up a pattern on the ex. 1 to a height of 9 cm.

3. Yarn "KELEBEK" in 2 strands to tie on a fork two tapes with a length of 80 cm and 100 cm, adhering to the CX. 5A]. Tape a length of 80 cm tie on both sides with a hook №1,2 yarn "Narcissus" 1st R. pattern in CX. 4 (received level band), and tape a length of 100 cm — 1 -th pattern in R. CX. 5, repeat rapport 6 times in width (got wavy strip). To close the ribbon ring, stitch. Tie 2-3-4-th. CX. 4.


4. To connect all the parts together (see photo): — to the top of the main canvas to sew on a ribbon of length 80 cm, tying the upper part of the garment yarn "rainbow" 1 Hg b/no 1 R. "crayfish step" (V. b/n from left to right) — see p. 1 4; for the straps and lacing at the front to run 2 twisted cord (see page 32) of the yarn "KELEBEK" in 2 strands of length 2 m. 5. Between the main fabric and bottom part hem tape length of 100 cm (see p. 3).
The smart kit crochet


Yarn-3 strands (2 strands of yarn "KELEBEK" + 1 strand of yarn "rainbow") to tie on a fork for two tape length no 1 30 cm and two strips with a length of 70 cm Tie each strip on both sides with a hook №1,2 yarn "Narcissus" 1-2-th R. pattern in CX. 5 (splicing tape between them in the process of implementation of 2nd row trim) — long strips to repeat the repeat pattern 8 times wide, short to 4 times. The fabric is folded in half, to combine the points A, b, C, D (respectively) — see the pattern, connect the sleeve with the inner sides of the yarn of white color with a chain of 4 VP

Tie hem and sleeves round yarn "rainbow" pattern on the SC. 6:
— 1 thread — 2 R.
— 2-thread — 5 R, increasing in each row, the number of PT/n for one each rapport (increasing to 6 PT/n) and the number of VP in the arches for one (bringing to 5 VP), extension harness, 1 R. St. b/n.
Sew a large button on chest height — see photo.

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