Soap composed of colored layers, looks very elegant. The number of layers depends on your patience, if you want you can make a two-layer soap with an interesting combination of flavors or paint a whole rainbow. Experiment, use to create layered soap, only clear or white bases of different colors.



Times strip, two strip

Main ingredients:
• 100 g of white and transparent soap base
• 5 drops blue liquid dye
• 1/2 tsp sesame oil
• 2 drops of essential oils of anise, lavender, citronella

1. Melt the same amount of white and transparent basis. Color transparent base with blue dye and pour half of the form.
2. If the surface has bubbles, spray it with alcohol from a spray bottle.
3. Allowing the surface to cool slightly, procardia it with a toothpick, fork or any other thin sharp object, it is Important to ruin the perfect smoothness of the surface. Again, spray the surface with alcohol. This time for better adhesion with the next layer.
4. In white base add fatty and essential oils and pour the second layer, the thickness equal to the first. Its temperature must be optimal - about 55 0C. The Foundation is too hot will melt the bottom layer, too cold will not stick, even if all the rules (scratching the surface and processed with alcohol).
5. Repeating steps 2-3, prepare the surface of the second layer to fill the third layer, Pour the second half of the blue transparent basis. Again repeat steps 2-3 and add a white base to the fourth layer. Try to keep all sdai were about the same thickness. When the soap has cooled, remove it from the mold. When using liquid dyes, the boundaries between the layers will eventually become blurred. It will only give the soap originality.


Times strip, two strip  Times strip, two strip Times strip, two strip

The Council

Try to just prepare the required number of colored bases. Because, once again, to get the identical shade you are unlikely. After prolonged use, periodically warm-based.
Don't forget before pouring the next layer, sprinkle the surface with alcohol previous. Then all the layers of your soap will be securely fastened together.

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