Beautiful paper napkins are a great material for making small Soaps with summer motifs.

Decoupage on soap

Main ingredients:
• 100 grams white soap base
•1H. spoon of jojoba oil
• 3 drops of fragrance "Mown grass"
Decoupage on soap  Decoupage on soap  Decoupage on soap Decoupage on soap   
1. Melt the white base, add jojoba oil, flavor and pour into a small plastic Cup.
2. When the base has hardened, the scissors cut the glass and remove soap cylindrical shape. Slice it into slices of equal width.
3 - Cut out of a napkin pictures the summer theme.
4. If you want that the picture occupied the entire surface of the soap, surround it with the pencil on the napkin.
5" Neatly cut out detail along the intended contour, being careful not to tear the napkin.
6. Will rsslite cut-out detail, leaving only the first layer of paint.
7. Moisten the surface of the soap with water.
8. Put the picture and a wet finger flatten it out. Be careful, wet tissue tears easily. When the soap dries, it can be used for other purposes.
Decoupage on soap 
The Council
To obtain the original effect draw a picture on a napkin dampened brush and gently tear off the paper on a damp circuit.
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