What can be done with young Meltemi in the form of apples, orange slices and raspberries obtained with the ice? Offer to make them a delicious "pudding"!
Main ingredients
• 100 g of white and transparent soap base
• 2-3 drops red, orange and yellow liquid dye

Fruit pudding

1. First you need to produce fruit. It is advisable to use colors as close to natural. So, melt three canisters of white base. Using liquid dyes give it the yellow, orange and red. Then fill in the appropriate forms for ice.
2. When the fruit hardens, remove them from the mold and place in a round baking dish. Try to keep the relief side of the fruit facing the walls of the mold, then they will be clearly visible in the finished soap.
3. Touch up the melted clear base with red dye and pour over fruit. Don't try to correct when the soap starts to harden.
Fruit pudding  Fruit pudding 
The Council
In this case, it is desirable to add transparent base fatty oil to preserve its transparency.
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