Soap in the form of cake looks very appetizing. Besides it is absolutely safe for your figure! For the manufacture of such fancy Soaps choose fragrances that are associated with sweets, chocolate, vanilla.


Main ingredients:
• 100 g of white and transparent soap base
• 1H. spoon of cocoa powder
• 2 drops each of red, green, yellow, orange liquid dye
•1H. spoon walnut oil
Cupcake Cupcake Cupcake Cupcake
1. Add powder, cocoa and walnut oil in the melted transparent base and mix thoroughly with a mini-blender or small whisk.
2. Through a fine strainer pour the mixture into a baking dish cupcakes. Thus, the soap will not get lumps of cocoa. When the soap has hardened, remove it from the mold.
3. From sheer basics cook wedges of yellow, red, green, and orange soap (see soap "wild strawberries"). Cut them into small pieces - "candied".
4. Knife, make the top of the "cupcake" small indentation.
5. Slide put it "candied".
From top to pour the "cake" melted white base. First pour on a couple spoonfuls of the hot base to fix the position of the "candied", and then cooled to base froze on the "cupcake" delicious drops, not having time to roll to the bottom.
You can not make a cake, and a basket with baking and also with a slide to fill in her "candied".

The Council
"Candied" you can cut out colored piece of soap.

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