As decoration in soap can be incorporated into tiny toys and Souvenirs. A lot of options! For example, to make soap on the theme of the tale of the Golden fish, use a cute vinyl fish


Main ingredients:
• 50 grams of white soap base
• 100 gr of transparent soap base
• 3 drops blue liquid dye
• 1/6 tsp. yellow pigment
• 3 drops of essential oils of lemon and lavender
Goldfish Goldfish
1. Touch up with melted white base yellow pigment in a thin layer and pour the mixture into a rectangular shape.
2. While the mixture is still warm, add a teaspoon of its surface relief of the seabed.
3. Pour over a thin layer of melted transparent basis, after adding it blue dye and essential oil.
4. Vertically place the vinyl fish and hold until the adhesive is cured. Making sure that the fish is kept alone, pour into a form the rest of blue transparent basis.
5. When the soap hardens a bit, remove it from the molds. Pressing lightly with a teaspoon, take on the still warm surface a small depression, resembling a sea wave.
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