Soap, in which the transparent elements are not arranged randomly but in specific locations, making the drawing can be done in several ways. Here is one of them.
Main ingredients:
• 100 g of white and transparent soap base
• 7 drops of flavouring "cherry"
• 5 drops red, 1 drop blue liquid dye

Berry town

1. Melt in two containers the same amount of transparent base. Paint it in red and Burgundy color with a liquid dye and pour in a shallow rectangular shape. To obtain a Burgundy color, add 1 drop blue and 3 drops of red dye.
2. When the soap has cooled, slice it into long wedges.
3. Melt the white base. While stirring, add flavoring. Then pour a thin layer in a deep rectangular shape and slightly cool.
4. Lay on top of randomly colored cubes and sprinkle them with alcohol for better grip.
5. Fill the form another layer of melted white base. It needs to be 2-3 mm above the wedges.
6. When the base has cooled, repeat steps 4-5. Do not forget to sprinkle the wedges with alcohol and to monitor the temperature of the poured Foundation. Too hot can melt the sticks, and too cold to glue them together.
7. When the base has hardened, remove the soap from the mold. Sharp kitchen knife and cut his ugly edges.
8. Cut the resulting soap into slices thickness 2 see Of scraps you can build a rough for the soap "houses".
Berry town Berry town Berry town Berry town
The Council
If the soap base crumbles, use it for making soap in shapes. If you want to make the bar, pre-add in such a framework the water (up to 1096) or glycerol (1 teaspoon per 100 g), then prirezke the edges of your soap will not crumble, but will remain smooth.
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