Baby rattles

You will need:
6 thin rods with a length of 300 mm;
thin rods for weaving; a thick rod with a length of 150 mm for handle;
2 rod with a length of 200 mm; 2 m (approximately) of narrow ribbon for binding the handles;
peas to fill the rattles.

Ball-shaped rattle
Subject to offer you instructions this rattle is very easy to do. Be careful only to material for weaving was constantly wet.

Make a cross out of the six bars. Appetite her way of "twisting" (two turns). Then divide the bars one at a time and bend all the bars myself. Next, braid the way of "twisting" to get the correct dome shape. After weaving width will reach approximately 25 mm in diameter and rattles should be about 60-70 mm. Add a third rod (see "Stand") and whipping method "rope" (three rows), trying to get vertical walls.

Attach two twigs to weave a way of "twisting". Braid, achieving a spherical shape. As the stand will converge to the center and intersect, weave becomes more difficult. Measure the distance to the center of the resulting hole in which is inserted the handle rattles. Having measured the distance on the racks, rack squeeze the pliers and bend them so that they do not overlap. Continue the weaving method of "twisting". When the hole becomes very small, put in the rattle of a pea. The ends of the rods for weaving trim and tuck inside rattles. Rod length 150 mm for handle insert into the hole until it stops (figure 6). The ends of the struts gently place around the handle and secure with strong thread (figure 7). Trim the end of the resulting handle.

Baby rattles
Baby rattles
Baby rattles

From two twisted bars make a loop and secure it on the handle end of thread and glue.

Winding handle
Start winding the handle as close as possible to the body of the rattle (figure 8). One end of the tape winding bend at a right angle and lay it along the handle. Tightly wrap the handle to the loop. The free end of the tuck under the coil (figure 9). Use the awl. For greater strength when attaching the ends of the winding you can use the glue.

Baby rattles

Cylindrical rattle
For the manufacture of cylindrical rattle is needed, in addition to the above, an additional column with a length of 50 mm.
Start netting similar to the netting spherical rattles, but make the base flat (diameter 50 mm). Bend the strut using the pliers and make the transition to the walls by way of "rope" (three rows). The walls should be vertical. Insert an additional column next to each primary (see figure 2) and weave a wall height of 30 mm by way of "twisting", and then make three more series by the method of "rope". Using the pliers bend the rack, as shown in figure 4. Put in a rattle of peas and vyplatit the bottom of the rattle method "curl" (figure 5).

Manufacturer of cylindrical rattles finish the same as in the previous case.

This way you can make maracas (percussion instruments). For stands, use a thicker material. Cut into eight bars with a length of 450 mm. use For weaving material of medium thickness. Base do the same as for cylindrical rattles, but its diameter should be equal to about 125 mm. to Fill the maracas can dry beans, peas or small pebbles. Make the handle material with a diameter of 8 mm with a length of approximately 250 mm. Winding knob perform the same way as described above (see figure 8-9).

Baby rattles

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