Braided hat (boater)

You will need:
10 thin rods with a length of 55 mm;
20 thin rods of length 300 mm for racks;
80 thin rods with a length of 200 mm for racks edge;
thin rods for weaving;
ribbon and flowers for decoration;
hat elastic.

Make a cross, consisting of six bars, in which are inserted four bars. Due to this design the hat will be slightly oval.

Run two rows of way, "twisting", then divide the bars of the crosses in pairs — three pairs of bars on the sides of the hat and two pairs of front and rear. Continue the weave. After five or six rows divide the bars one at a time, whipping as long as the size of the base will equal approximately 80x95 mm. the Base should be completely flat and slightly oval. Try to maintain a constantly shrinking base laterally. Add one wire and continue weaving way "rope" (three rows).

Sharpen the ends of each of the twenty stands and paste them into the woven base next to each rod. Add two rods for the netting and make four rows by way of "twisting". Make sure that the distance between the bars and uprights were the same, the weave was smooth, and the product was not bent.

Add a third rod for netting and make two rows of way to "rope".

Now start to weave a wall — crown of the hat. The racks do bend slightly rounded, so the curve does not compress the strut with pliers, as it has done in similar cases so far. In the process of weaving method "rope" each foot bend upwards. Rod, you are netting, skip in front of two racks, one front, then behind, then stand up bend. In this position, this rack will hold the next row of weaving.

All racks should be bent perpendicular to the plane of the base after the two rows of weaving. If you were unable to achieve this immediately, tie the ends of the racks and continue stitching. The height of the vertical walls of the hat should be 40 mm. To facilitate the work in the weaving of the walls use the weight.

Using the pliers bend the strut. Put the hat on the table and press it with the help of cargo. Attach the three rods to weave the fields and make one a number of way to "rope". All stands must be horizontal. Tuck the ends of the rods, as usual. Remove the load and flip the hat up top. Insert the three rods for the netting and make five more ranks a way to "rope".

Sharpen one end of the rack for weaving the edge and insert two (one each side) around each stand field hats. Then the rack will not double and a triple.

Edge braid hats as well as edge supports for utensils. Ensure that the rods are not twisted, and the edge was flat.

While the material for weaving wet fields give the hats the desired shape. Then trim the protruding ends of the rods, attach ribbon, flowers and gum.

Braided hat (boater)
Braided hat (boater)
Braided hat (boater)
Braided hat (boater)

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