A sun hat

You will need:
16 - stems of medium thickness length 500 mm for racks;
10-15 stalks of the same length 250 mm for racks;
about 30-40 thin stems for weaving;
form size of the head; it is best to use a hat form or "a fool" for the wig, but you can use a plastic Cup (figure 1);
any material for finishing and lining.

A sun hat

Start braiding "in the box" (eight-by-eight stems). Last stand double, as in the basket for needlework. Proplatit two rows of way, "twisting", and then divide the dual rack.

Plaiting a crown, select the thin bars. Whipping a method of "twisting", while the corners are not rounded. Then firmly tie the netting to the form and continue to weave to a height of approximately 25 mm (figure 2).

A sun hat

At this stage add ten spindles form was closed almost completely, otherwise, when you begin to weave the fields, stand disperse too widely. Pass them alongside your existing struts (figure 3), you will probably want to insert them after three or four stands, but make sure that their total number was even. Make two or three rows by way of "twisting". Finish the weaving, align the ends of the rods inside.

A sun hat

Crown with crossed struts
To weave an openwork rope back down to 40 mm. Even the rack must be moved two places to the right and odd numbers on two places to the left. Make sure that the rack is moved to the right, located at the top (figure 4). (Can be locked in position by staples or adhesive tape.)

Go around a long thin rod any counter and make a one number method "rope" in lace beading , criss-crossing stands strictly in order, each one separately.

Make sure that the clearance between two rows of weaving were the same around the entire circumference. Maybe the first time you fail to make a crown with crossed stands for the crown can be woven and conventional, a way of "twisting".

After openwork rope proplatit the same number of rows of twistingto a pattern formed by intersecting struts, passed through the middle part of the walls of the crown.

Put tied to the crown form the crown on the table. To the top is not scratched, put down a soft cloth. Bend all stand to the table.

Make the crown hard edge around each bar nearby as well as at the bottom of the basket for needlework.

Now flip the hat — fields should exactly lie on the table. If the form is longer than the base, remove it and stuff the crown with paper.

Proplatit two to three some way "twisting". Then fold all stands 50 mm from the edge of the weave and continue to weave (figure 6). Make five or six rows method "torsion". Complete the fields in this way is much easier than to fill a rack at the end of the weave. Carefully trim the ends of all racks.

A sun hat

Also, fields can be decorated any of the edges. If you need a wide field rack should be much longer.

A sun hat

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