In the kitchen of every housewife has everything you need in order to try to force in soap making and create your first masterpiece: pots, forks, spoons, cereal, coffee and vegetable oil.
As a soap base for the first experiment you can use a piece of children's soap.
Greatly expand your creative possibilities with a special soap base and various ingredients.
As you will learn new techniques and invent recipes, will be updated to your set of ingredients and supplies for the job.

For soapmaking, you can use ordinary ovenware, provided that you thoroughly wash it after work. The soap base does not differ from the effects of other detergents.




It was convenient to mix the ingredients, choose a roomy enough capacity, then you will be able to work without risk to spill their contents. Best suited enameled or glass bowls, deep plates, salad bowls, glasses, saucepans and much more. Dishes must be heat-resistant and easy to wash.

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