Fork or whisk will be needed for mixing the ingredients. To make it easier, you can purchase a mini whisk battery operated frothing foam.
Spoons of different sizes (dining room, tea, coffee) will need to be added to the melted soap base different ingredients, putting some of the mixture in a form, creating a relief on its hot surface and many other operations.
The strainer is used for straining hot the basics when poured in the mould, so that in the finished soap no clumps of different ingredients.
Knives - the irreplaceable assistant in work. First of all, prepare a sharp kitchen knife. With it, you will not be difficult to cut the soap base into chunks or obrovnyat edge of the finished soap. Knife-Piller (peeler) will help to remove the colored bar of soap thin shavings for decoration other soap. Nail knife is necessary for delicate work, such as removal of excess bases that fall over the edge of the terrain shape.
Little a spray bottlefilled with alcohol or strong alcohol, should always be at hand. Sprinkling bathed in the form of a soap base, you will remove bubbles from the surface, but also improve the adhesion with the following layer, which is especially important in the manufacture of multilayer soap.
Toothpicks will be needed to prozharivaniya the surface layer of the base before pouring the next. This technique also improves the adhesion of the layers.
A large nail will make the soap the hole to hang it on a string.
Glass pipette useful for the dosage of essential oils and liquid dyes.
Scissors are indispensable in a number of preparatory work: cutting loofah, wax, manufacture of molds for casting soap, etc.
Grater need for rubbing a piece of children's soap with his "melting", and also for grinding various fillers, such as peel.
Pestle with the mortar needed to grind the dried leaves and herbs.
Microwave oven will help to melt the soap base and baby soap. If the furnace you have - use a water bath: place the container with the base or soap in the water the bigger tank and place it on low heat.
Tools and accessories for making soap Tools and accessories for making soap    Tip:
1. To build a water bath can be of two different size pots, pans and bowls, etc. it is Important to avoid direct contact of the fire and soap.

2. The success of the work depends on your imagination. Create your own recipes and variations, looking for new convenient tools and accessories, experiment.

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