As you already know, soap can only be added well dried additives: flowers, grass, pulp of vegetables and fruits. Otherwise, the contained moisture will cause mold or rot.
One early spring I really wanted to preserve the beauty of blossoming leaves and capturing them in the soap, as if in amber. It turned out that soap base can delicate thin leaves and they are perfectly preserved. But danger lurked in the other: not all live leaves look good inside soap, especially after some time. For example, dandelion leaves are twisted into rolls, and poplar leaves noticeable color based around.


Main ingredients:
• 100 gr of transparent soap base
• green leaf of parsley or birch, Linden, etc.
• 3 drops of essential oils of eucalyptus and lemon
Spring Spring Spring
1. Below the leaf was in the middle of the soap, fill the melted transparent basis slightly less than half of the form.
2. Top gently lay the green leaf. If under it you will see bubbles, don't fight them. In the finished soap they resemble drops of dew. But from the bubbles on the surface of the basis it is better to get rid of, sprinkling with alcohol (and then it will be clear that the soap consists of several layers), at the same time it will improve its adhesion with the following layer.
3. When the layers have cooled, fill the form the rest of the basics. Keep in mind that over time, around the leaf may appear greenish halo.
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