You thought it a ball? Actually it is soap, "wrapped up" the strands of wool. Enough it is wet, and it will turn into unusual "camomiles" loofah. It is not only a convenient thing, but also an original gift, because few people realize that hidden in a furry lump.

Soapy tangle

Main ingredients:
• 100 grams white soap base
•1H. spoon of vanilla sugar
•1H. spoon avocado oil
• 20 grams of spun wool
Soapy tangle 
1. Easier just to roll with wool soap in the shape of a ball. To make it, you'll need the corresponding form. If you have not found, use molds consisting of two hemispheres. Melt the white base, add the avocado oil, vanilla sugar and fill the halves of the molds, one fully and the second up to 3-4 mm to the edge.
2. When the base has cooled slightly, for a better grip procardia toothpick the surface of each hemisphere and sprinkle with alcohol.
3 - Remove from the molds a large hemisphere.
4 is a Lower hemisphere add hot based. What she's hotter - the better.
5 - press on Top of a large hemisphere. Due to the high temperature basis they are securely glued.
6. With a knife cut away the excess basis at the place of junction of the hemispheres to get a smooth surface.
7. Now take a white spun wool and pull it from thin strands.
8. Wrap the soap with a layer of the strands. Ensure that the thickness of the pickup was the same everywhere. The edges are too thick the strands will be visible and will lend a slovenly appearance.
Soapy tangle Soapy tangle Soapy tangle  Soapy tangle Soapy tangle Soapy tangle  Soapy tangle Soapy tangle  Soapy tangle 
9. Thus make another 1-2 layers. If wool is not enough, the finished product will appear bald spots, if too much soap is bad lather.
10. Gently soak the blank in hot water, not allowing the strands to separate. Squeeze out excess water and place the workpiece in a plastic bag to keep the position of the strands when felting.
11. For 5-7 minutes prokatyvaja ball between the palms. When the layers of hair will become elastic and homogeneous, rinse the ball in water at room temperature.
12. Squeeze out the water with a towel and put the bowl to dry for a few hours. A soap ball is ready.
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