Beautiful raised pattern on the surface of the soap may be of a different color. However, if you just pour in the layers will form the foundations of several colors, when extracting or subsequent use of soap may just fall apart. What is the secret, you will learn soap crafting "a Celtic heart"



Celtic heart

Main ingredients:
• 100 grams white soap base
•1/6 coffee spoons blue pigment
•1chaynaya tablespoon of olive oil
• 7 drops of essential oil of wood Ho


Celtic heart Celtic heart

1. Melt the white base. Spreading a teaspoon, fill her relief at the bottom of the molds.
2, If in some places went over the edge of the terrain, wait until it cools down, and usablity surplus.
3. Mix in a tablespoon of blue pigment in olive oil to avoid lumps. Better to use pigment and not dye liquid - then the border of the blue layer will remain clear and not blurred due to diffusion.
4 - Then add the pigment in a hot white base. Thoroughly stir the mixture, achieving a uniform desired hue. Add the essential oil.
5. Fill in the form with a mixture of pre-incised with a toothpick and sprinkling the alcohol, a surface of the first layer. 25-45 minutes soap can be removed. If you have any lumps of pigment, pour the base into the mold through a strainer.

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