If you have ever enriched baby soap, and know how difficult it is, working with a special soap-based will bring you real pleasure. You no longer have to deal with a specific smell - the basics it is simply not, to RUB on a grater and to wait a few days, when your soap is finally cured and will be ready to use. Convenience - that's one of the reasons for the popularity of making soap from the base in many countries.
In addition, to get nice transparent soap can only be through a transparent basis: what would you do, soap is made from children and even from transparent industrial soap, will always be matte.
The cost of soap from the base higher than that of baby soap, but what are the opportunities!

Main ingredients:
• transparent or white soap base
• fatty oil
• essential oils or fragrances
• fillers
The dosage of the different ingredients for 100 g basis:
• 3-7 drops of essential oil or mixture of oils (citrus - up to 10 drops)
• 1 teaspoon of fatty oil or mixture of oils
• 3-4 drops of flavoring (do not mix with essential oils!)
• 1 -7 drops of liquid dye
• 1/6 -1/3 a teaspoon of pigment or nacre
• 1-3 teaspoons of cosmetic clay
• 2-4 tsp ground oatmeal
• 1-3 teaspoons of honey


Enrichment of soap Enrichment of soap Enrichment of soap Enrichment of soap

1. First and foremost, prepare all the necessary ingredients. Soap base hardens quickly and search for a particular additive or flavoring will not have time.
So, with a knife cut the base into small pieces about the size of half of a walnut - so it quickly melted.
2. Place the pieces in a bowl of heat-resistant glass.
3. Put in a water bath for 10-15 minutes. Cover bowl with a lid, so heat does not evaporate the moisture. Make sure that the base does not boil.
Also, you can melt in the microwave: for 100 g you will need 1-2 minutes at a medium temperature (350 watts). It is important not to miss the moment when the Foundation will melt and not overheat it. Melting a large quantity, periodically stir it to uniform heating. In molten form the basis of the like very liquid pudding without lumps.
4. Add to hot based 1 coffee spoon fat oil. If you put too much oil, the soap will lather worse, and the oil may be small dewdrops on its surface.
5. Next, add scent: essential oil, food flavouring or a special odorant for soap. In any case do not mix them, use one or the other.
6. Now is the time to add the dye, for example a liquid. If you use dry food coloring, be sure to pre-dilute it with water, and the pigment - oil.
7. If desired, add natural fillers, mix it with a spoon all the ingredients. If you do this well enough, oil will not be distributed at the base, but will remain on the surface.
8. Carefully pour the mixture into the form.
9. If the surface has bubbles, spray it with rubbing alcohol
from a spray.
10. Cooling time soap depends on the amount of forms and ranges from 15 minutes to several hours. In this case, the shape of a small, have to wait 15-20 minutes and the soap can be removed! If you did everything correctly, the excellent result is guaranteed.
Here is how just 20 minutes to lift the mood!


Enrichment of soap Enrichment of soap Enrichment of soap


The Council
To crushed natural fillers is evenly distributed, add them in the hot but slightly cooled and mix thoroughly. If they float, continue to stir the mixture until its temperature will not drop.

To speed up the cooling process soap, put it in the fridge or freezer, it is not necessary - the room temperature is enough. Before packing, it is desirable to give the soap a day to dry



Enrichment of soap

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