Pattern shell crochet start to knit with the main chain of air loops. Then do yo, enter the hook into the third loop of the main chain, to pick up the working thread and stretch the loop and knit into the loops with the hook in two steps, two together for the reception. Associated the first column with nakida. Knit this edge a number of columns with nakida, vymazyvaja the column with nakida in each air loop main chain.

In the second row, turning the knitting, link the chain of six (two regional and four) loops and column without nakida under the loop on the fourth column with nakida. Knit to end of row, alternating chain of four loops and a column without nakida on every fourth column of the previous row.

In the third row, turning the knitting, link the chain of the four loops, to introduce the hook under the first chain of the previous row, catch the working thread and pull the loop again to catch the working thread, and knit into both stitches off the hook at one time, securing thus a chain of columns without nakida. Then link under the next chain of the previous row of nine columns with nakida. After the last of the ninth column with nakida tie a column without nakida under the chain, securing the whole group. This group of nine columns with nakida, attached to the bottom row on the edges of the bars without nakida, has the form of a fan or shell. Knit to end of row, alternating chain of four loops fixed to the column without nakida and shell of the nine columns with nakida, attach it to the next chain of the lower row to the column without nakida. To complete a series chain of four loops

In the fourth row, turn the work, knit the chain of four loops, securing them to the column without nakida in the following manner: first — the first chain of four loops, the second loop over the third column with nakida first shell, the third for loop over the column with nakida the same shell, the fourth on the chain connecting the first and second shells, and so on until the end of the row, On each shell, knit three chains of four loops, The average of these three chains will serve as the basis for the next vyvazhivanii shells of nine columns with nakida in the next row.

Pattern shell crochet— sided, it can be knit flat with rows and rows round in a circle. Pattern pattern shell — a vertical strip of shell lace background allows us to recommend knitting them such elegant things like summer dresses and blouses, skirts and shawls and other extra stuff WC.

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