The motive of the pattern grid is the chain of air loops. The number of the stitches is selected as desired and depending on the thickness of the working thread so that the grid cell was not too small and not too large.

Pattern Mesh

The mesh of chain five loops begin to knit with the main chain.

Then introduce the hook into the fifth loop main - chain, pick up the working thread, pull it through the loop of the chain, again pick up working thread and stretch it in one go through both loops on the hook. The first chain is fixed to the column without nakida. Tie five loops, enter the hook in the fifth loop of the main chain, starting from the loop, which fixed the first chain and tie a column without nakida, securing thus the second chain. Knit to end of row.

To turn work from right to left, to tie the first chain of the second number of only four loops and secure it to the column without nakida, inserting hook under first chain of the first row. Then knit chain five loops, securing each chain to the column without nakida in the subsequent chains of the previous row, inserting the hook under the corresponding chain. This knitting gives the mesh the appearance of fish scales, and the method of vyvazhivanija column, inserting the hook under the chain, is called a column under the chain.

Pattern grid - right; it can be knit flat rows on the front and back sides of the product, or in a circle.

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