Basket for shopping

When the netting of the walls of the basket strips of vines can be replaced with strips from a plastic. To the basket was more durable, with netting walls used counter space.

You will need:
10 thick bars with a length of 325 mm for the frame base;
40 thick rods with a length of 550 mm for racks;
40 thick bars for additional warp length of 150 mm;
material average thickness for weaving the base of the basket, wall basket and the handle;
tape width 10 mm;
rod 1 m long with diameter of 8 or 10 mm for handle;
2 guides for handles with diameter of 8 or 10 mm.

The frame for the base of the basket make out of ten bars in the same way as described above. Start braiding in the same sequence; as in weaving a large stand. The base diameter should be equal to 300 mm. Try to make the basket base is turned slightly concave — this will give it greater strength.

40 reinforce the lateral uprights, squeeze them with pliers at the edge of the base of the basket, bend your rack and firmly tie the ends.
Appetite stand at the base, making six rows of method "a string", while the first one can make a number a string of four bars, and continue to weave a rope of three bars. In this case, insert four rods to weave the base and miss every left front three rod stands and behind the stands. In the transition to a string of three rods go around the first rod marked rack. Make the transition, as usual, the other three rods and netting, continue the usual rope. Thus, you get a solid base baskets.

Untie the associated rack. Sharpen the ends of the additional racks and insert them on the right side of each main landing. (This is done to give the basket more strength.)

Take nine pieces of ribbon (from the vine or substitute material). The length of each segment should be about 150 mm greater than the length of the circumference of the base of the basket. Tuck the end of one piece of the tape between the two uprights. Appetite all racks (straight weave). Do the same with each segment of the tape.

To the edge of the bin was stronger clamp the ends of each of the tape segments in different places. From opposite sides of the basket, insert the guides of the handle bottoms. Three bars make six rows method "rope". Trim the protruding ends of the additional racks.

Shrink the main legs of the pliers, at a distance of 6 mm from the edge of the woven wall basket. Weave the edge of the way the "rod" of three or four bars. If you want you can try to run edge, and five bars. To do this, fold the five pillars, then take the ninth, counting from the right, the rack and let her stand in front of and behind nesehnuti following nesehnuti stand. Bend the next rack, etc. the Edge can be finished the same as the edge of the tray, adding , "track".
Trim the ends of the rods.

The rod for the handle should not be too long, otherwise the cart would be unwieldy. Sharpen the ends of the rod and insert them in place of the guides.

From the vines of medium thickness cut into twelve bars by selecting the length 375 mm greater than the length of the base of the handle. One end of each of the rods sharpen. Insert five rods on each side of the basket to the left of the base of the handle. Five rods go around the base of the handle from the outside, then make three or four turns around the base, so that the bars had engulfed his whole length. Bars that will go forward with the other hand, should evenly fill all the gaps between the bars. If, however, the gaps remain unfilled, add one (or if necessary more) of the rod on each side. Print all rods out through the gaps between the pillars to the right of the handle (figure 5). Take all bars, starting from the nearest to the pen, and they go around the handle at the edge of the basket. Then skip the bars inside the basket to the left of the handle. Tuck the ends as shown in figure 6.

Basket for shopping
Basket for shopping
Basket for shopping

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