The basket of flowers of different materials

Bulrush, cattail and vine well in this graceful basket of flowers. Instead of braids, you can use simple rods and weave walls the method of "twisting" or "live weaving".

You will need:
12 bars length 350 mm for the frame base;
46 bars for racks used with braided edges, a length of 350 mm;
6 m braided pigtails with a width of 12 mm;
2 rod of the vine for the handle with a thickness of 8 mm and length 600 mm;
thin material for netting (vine, cattail, rushes);
12-16 studs with a length of 10 mm for mounting a handle;
2 stalks of average thickness for braiding handles;
300 mm thin woven braid to decorate the handle.

Make a crosspiece from twelve bars and proplatit two rows by way of "twisting". Then divide the bars in pairs. On the seventh row of weaving split the pairs, leaving one undivided, — the result is an odd number of racks you need for further work (figure 1). Cut one wire of the pair from the last row of weaving. Continue to weave by way of "twisting", while the base diameter of not greater than 150 mm. Gently bending the rack up and attach the harvested hair and start to braid it stand in the way "live weaving".

The basket of flowers of different materials
The basket of flowers of different materials

The end of the braid with a length of approximately 150 mm free Express under the base of the basket (figure 2). Proplatit about three quarters of the first row. Flip the basket upside down and split the loose end of the braid to separate stems.

Cut about half the stems, and the rest appetite several stands in the way "the rope" — the beginning of the weave will turn out neat, without "step".

Proplatit pigtail eight to nine rows (a way to "live weaving"). At the end of the weaving, tuck the loose ends of braids into the wall next to the Desk. Then proplatit four rows way to "rope"using a thin rod or cattail. Trim the protruding ends of the struts.

Sharpen the ends of the forty-six stands for weaving of the edges and paste them into the woven basket on both sides of the bars of the frame base. Do the same the edge of the "track" (figure 4) as supports.

The basket of flowers of different materials

Bend the bars for the handles in the form of rings. At the ends of bars make flat slices on a length of 200 mm so that both of them evolved, forming a smooth connection ("paprotka") (figure 5). Seal joints adhesive tape, then in the same place to fasten both rings (figure 6). Xplosiv thin stems, wrap them rings on top of the adhesive tape. The winding rings start as well as in the decoration of the handles of the rattles, using thin braid running along the rings as decoration. Wrap ring tapered stems twice, and then let her in from the top and bottom of the pigtails in any sequence — in figure 7, the stem is passed twice under the tail and one just above it. About the middle of the wrapped section of rings, attach a new tapered stem and finish winding it.

The basket of flowers of different materials

Place the basket in the ring. Move them under the bottom of the basket to the width of approximately 150 mm. Type in the four—six studs in rack frame base or edges, taking at the same time and rings.

The basket of flowers of different materials

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