It is a mistake to believe that any handmade soap - natural. Usually, this phrase is indicated by soap, in the manufacture of which a large part of the work was performed manually: manually cut and weighed soap base, manually added the necessary ingredients and hand poured into the Foundation form,
To create a natural soap uses only the fatty oils, lye, and natural additives such as essential oils and natural dyes. This method of making soap is called "from scratch". It allows you to completely control the ingredients used, avoiding any chemical additives. From the description it is evident how much difference these two Soaps.
It is worth remembering that for making handmade soap in an industrial scale are always used chemical additives that improve its consumer qualities. Thanks to them, well mylitsya soap, lasts for ages, smells better, and so on.
What is natural soap? What is natural soap? 
Often this soap has a bright color and has a wonderful aroma of cherry, raspberry, strawberry, melon, watermelon, peach, Apple. However, few people know that these berries and fruits do not contain essential oils, their aroma can only be obtained in the laboratory using chemical fragrances. Rich color soap owes to chemical dyes. And the fact that soap added flower petals and seeds, does not make it natural. Usually it's just a simple way to attract a buyer.
This book is dedicated to soap that can not be called 100% natural, even though it contains natural ingredients. The fact that its manufacture uses a special soap base, which has in its composition of chemical additives, thanks to which it melts well and hardens quickly. However, this soap has several advantages. First and foremost is the ease, speed and safety of getting excellent results. This method of soap making allows you to realize the most daring ideas, without spending a lot of effort, time and money.
Often your career path homemade soap making begins with melting baby soap is the easiest and most budget option. Then goes to work with soap based - the fertile material to create designer Soaps, and reaches the top of excellence, having mastered the complicated and expensive technology of making soap "from scratch".
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