The chemical industry produces a variety of flavors. Often it is thanks to the flavors of sausage smells of smoked meats, and some popular drinks - orange.
Many flavors are available not only plants and factories, but also to ordinary buyers. Buying essential oil in the untested place, you risk to buy the flavoring.
There are food flavors, designed to enhance the pleasant aroma of food, cosmetic and special flavors. Cosmetic fragrance, unlike essential oils have a strong smell, which is well retained in the soap. Food flavors less stable, but their flavor is more natural and lifelike.
The main advantage of flavors - their diversity. Chocolate-covered cherries, citrus cocktail, fresh fruit, sea breeze, Turkish sweets, the freshly cut grass - all of these flavors would not be available for our creativity, if not for the success of the chemical industry.
The recommended dosage of 4 drops per 100 g basis.


Aromatizatory Aromatizatory

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