Openwork tunic for summer, crochet

The article describes the crochet tunic for sizes 36-38.

To crochet this tunic, you will need:

  • yarn "New bamboo" with composition of 100% viscose – 150 g;
  • hook No. 2.

Pay attention to the yarn which has properties to stretch, and therefore, the manufacturing process need to wet the parts with water and gently dry on a towel.

Openwork tunic for summer, crochet Openwork tunic for summer, crochet

Work process:

  • To you got it laced tunic, you need to crochet 34 solid hexagonal details on the scheme 1 + 2 details-half according to scheme 2, each side to an integral part-of the hexagon have to be 8 cm and the maximum diameter is 17 cm
  • Then you have to connect all the motifs in one solid product according to the proposed pattern. There are two splice variant of motifs: the first is a connection in the process of vyvazhivanija the last row of the hexagon, or the second – connecting ready-made hexagons. Choose which method of connection you prefer.
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