The motif of the pattern - paws consists of four columns with nakida and one air loop.

Pattern legs
Pattern legs begin to knit with the main chain. To do yo, enter the hook into the fourth chain loop, catch the working thread, stretch loop, and knit into the loops with the hook in two steps, two together for the reception. Associated the first column with nakida. To communicate on the same loop main chain of two columns with nakida, venture one air loop and another column with stitches on the same loop main chain. The first leg of the pattern. Again do yo, enter the hook, conceding three loop main chain nepovezane, in the fourth loop and tie on her second foot.

After finishing a row, turn the knitting right to left and knitting the foot, inserting the hook under the loop that separates the last column with nakida each foot of the bottom number from the first three. This aerial loop is the basis for all subsequent legs that vymazyvaja on it.

The pattern is one-sided, it is possible to knit only flat numbers on front and back sides of the product. If knit in a circle, after the closure of the next row knitting it is necessary to turn.

This pattern knit dressy dresses and blouses, they can knit tie and belt since the edge knitting on both sides is obtained equally wavy and does not require additional finishing.

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