Cute fishnet booties crochet (diagram below) is an important element in the image of a little Princess. Already from a young age girls love to dress up and look beautiful.
Booties sandals crochet for 2-3 months (+ schema)Materials:
  • yarn (100% cotton, 240 m/ 50 g) - a little white and yellow flowers
  • hook № 0,9, 2
  • decorative buttons
  • 2 the ribbon length of 50 cm and a width of 0.3 cm
Outsole: start knitting with white yarn. Type 15 air loops. In the third loop from the hook proverite 3 columns with nakida. Then tie 3 ryadochek at the circle of columns with nakida, performing the addition at the beginning and end of the chain of air loops like this: The first row has 8 columns with nakida, 1 loop. Second row - 2 column with nakida in each of the columns of the previous row. Third row: *1 column with nakida, 2 column with nakida in the first column of the previous row*, repeat *-* 8 times. Fourth row - 70 columns without nakida. Fifth row provarite columns without nakida in the rear wall of the loop. Sixth row provarite simple columns with nakida. Straps: 3 output. column, tie 13 loops, then prostovisa without nakida attach to the opposite side of the spout (distance 5 columns without nakida from the beginning of the chain). Then knit according to the scheme (marked blue and red). The thread is not cut, will be needed in the future. Heel booties: in the last row join 2 polostevichi without nakida to the sole. Then provarite thus: The first 3 air loop, attach them with prostovisa without nakida for the strap (skip 3 columns with nakida). Link 33 of the column with nakida and similarly attach prostovisa without nakida to the strap. Second row - 1 air loop and after the whole range of columns without nakita = 34 column without nakida. Third row - 3 air loop, 33 column with nakida, 4 hanging loops, 3 column with nakida in the middle of ramusack, 4 hanging loops. Then tie a series of arches for ribbons: * 2 column with nakida, 1 air loop* repeat *-* the entire row in a circle. Provarite 1 a number of columns with nakida and 1 row polostevichi without nakida. Next row knit in yellow: *a column without nakida, Picot of 3 loops, a column without nakida*, repeat *-* until end of row. Tie a yellow sole yarn 1 row of columns without nakida (loose threads columns of 4 rows). Sew the button. Thread the ribbons. Booties sandals crochet for 2-3 months (+ schema)
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