This is a common method of artistic processing of birch bark. This way you can decorate different things — boxes, boxes, albums, to decorate a wall, to make a bulk toys, small panels for children's room etc. you should First prepare the drawing in full size. Most often it is a floral or geometric pattern.
The complexity of the pattern depends on the degree of preparedness for this kind of work. Therefore the first, initial stages should not strive for richness of pattern elements, without the experience to fulfill them is difficult. It is better to start with simple drawings.
Use a knife-jamb, perforation, half round chisels and other tools, which can be taken from the kit to woodcarving. Some of them are easy to do yourself, such as a knife-jamb, and perforation. How to make a notch, see the tools. When you're ready to start carving.
The bark is placed on a sheet of plywood or a plate and, if is a geometric pattern under a metal ruler, cut straight lines. Then cut the elements. And at the end of small cut elements. For the finished cutting necessarily requires a colored background, for this purpose you can use tinted (soaked with wood stain) veneer, plate, foil, colored glossy paper.

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