Embossed on the bark — one of the types of original art. In the traditional processing of birch bark craftsmen have reached a high quality jewelry boxes, basket tooled, developed his technique. Ornament includes primarily geometric shapes — diamonds, stars, circles, scallops.
For work use special metal or solid wood Ciocana, or stamps. The tool has the form of a rod, on the end of which there is any element of the ornament. As they both make difficult, and the industry won't let them go, consider the most simple ways of stamping.
Very comfortable, simple device for embossing can be made of ordinary sewing. It is necessary to whittle away at the fine-grained abrasive stone (so-called whetstone or circle) and sanded so it does not scratch the material, that is, the awl should make stupid.
To make outlet, you can take an ordinary tube of the required diameter and at one end make a notch with a file. To acquire skills first, do some test, simple tool which is at hand. First prepare the bark, soak it for a few hours to become softer, peel it and cut out the desired size. On a separate sheet of paper make a sketch of geometric or floral ornament in full size. Then follow the pattern on the bark, but not through the carbon paper, and directly with a pencil. The work usually start from the middle of the workpiece, so the plate mark, if necessary, divided into parts, to separate the elements of a pattern.



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