Prepared By Alexander Kotelnikov

In weaving you can use not only wild willow, but grown on plantations. The cultivation of willow on the site allows you to obtain material of the right quality and to save time on the billet rods. The area under plantation choose smooth, without stagnant water. Willow grows well in clay, sandy soils and humus-rich. During the laying of the plantations use cuttings of one - and two-year shoots taken from the best varieties of shrubby species of willow. Shoots should be smooth, without damage. The cuttings are cut only from mid-butt, as the vertex part of the cuttings root poorly. The side rods are not used. Length (20-40 cm) and thickness (0.5-2 cm) of the cuttings depends on the area in which there is a fit. In upland areas and on dry soils, the length and diameter of the stalk is more. Planting material is harvested before planting – in the fall (after leaf drop) and in spring (before the SAP flow). For the cultivation of willows on a thin twig cuttings are planted at a distance of 15 cm from each other in the row and 40 cm between rows. Increasing the distance in the row and between rows by about half, raise the rod for a furniture stick. Time interval cutting in this case 2-3 years. When planting rows are marked on the cord. In the soil of the recess, equal to the length of the cutting insert in the deepening of the cuttings, making sure that the soil surface remained single eye, kidney and foot compacted earth around the stalk. One of the most important maintenance for planting – loosening the soil and destroying weeds. On the ground did not stick the cuttings, carry out additional planting at the same time - in the fall or early spring. The first two years because of the low quality rods for the netting, hardly used, but plants need to be cut. Mass harvesting of rod starting from the third year. Such planting can be operated for quite a long time. Every 5-6 years the plantation give the "stay" - rod this year is not cut. In the second half of the life of the plantation give the biennial. In 7-10 years and remove the top of overgrown stumps. Of the remaining small willow stumps grow new shoots.
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