Handmade contest "Easter"

We invite You to participate in the contest for handmade "Easter".

Send photos of your creations with the subject line "Easter". The photo may be a composition of several of your works on the Easter theme. Photos within one day will be posted on the website. The winners are determined by the vote of the site visitors.


contest Terms:

  1. The competition is open to all visitors to the site living in the former Soviet Union.
  2. 1 photo is accepted from one participant.
  3. The photo must be clear, i.e. of good quality.
  4. The Photo should not be too small to be considered well.
  5. The photo must not contain any protective inscriptions, watermarks, as well as any design inscriptions or decorations. However, photos can be subjected to minimal correction, namely-tone, color, saturation, clarity, etc., but no more! And also, at the bottom of the photo on the right or left side you can place the name of the author, so that it does not interfere with the viewing of the work.
  6. Photo Restrictions:
    maximum size - 150 KB
    and maximum resolution = 800x800 pixels.
    (I'll edit it otherwise, and you don't know if you'll like the result)
  7. Be sure to specify the name of the photo and its description, i.e. the technique in which the work is made, the materials used in the work, etc.
  8. If it turns out that the work participating in the competition belongs to another author, the participant will be disqualified.
  9. Voting:
    - Voting takes place in the same section where the photos are placed.
    - you can Vote for only one job from one computer (IP address).
  10. Works are accepted from March 23 to April 10, 2010 (inclusive).
    the Voting will last from April 11 to April 24, 2010 (inclusive).


Prizes !!!!!!!!!!!!


The photo of the winner who took 1st place will be placed on the main page of the site during the month and on the pages related to this competition in the form of a small copy in the upper right corner of the page;


Winners of 1st, 2nd, 3rd places as a gift book and will be included in the history of the contest winners

Book: "Decorative-applied art. Modern encyclopedia "



"a person will bloom and wither, and his thought will remain in the craft forever!"- claimed one fairy master. But at all not aspiration to own immortality, and passion to art inspired all who looked for Beauty in a dead stone, metal, a tree. We invite you to feel this feeling of all skilled and curious. Drawings and diagrams will help you to quickly and effectively master the work with available natural materials, using simple tools.

- artistic treatment of stone, leather, metal

- artistic enamel, casting, ceramics

- Mosaic of wood

- Turning on plaster


The desire to sponsor this or other contests is welcome !

Celebrate Easter the whole family saichia
 The winner of the contest   Author: Tatiana Klimova, 7 class of MOU SOSH 1 R. p. Tumbotino,...
Easter joy
 The winner of the contest     Author: Siniakova Xenia, 6 special (correctional) class of MOU SOSH 1...
The results of the vote
The results of the voting for the best works submitted to the contest "Easter"...
Easter joy (collective work) (3rd place)
 The winner of the contest     Teamwork 6 B class of MOU SOSH 1 R. p. Tumbotino,...
Praise the Resurrection of Christ (2nd place)
 The winner of the contest   Author: Darya Novikova, 7 class of MOU SOSH 1 R. p. Tumbotino,...
Faberge Egg
 The winner of the contest   Author: Basarukina Olga, 7 class of MOU SOSH 1 R. p. Tumbotino,...
Easter eggs
 The winner of the contest     Authors: Tarabarin Sasha 6 special (correctional) class of MOU SOSH 1...
The celebration of the Light of day
 The winner of the contest   Author: Elena Skorlupkina grade 8 MOUSOSH No. 1 R. p. Tumbotino, Pavlovo...
Hutsul Pysanka (1st place)
    Author: SZUCS Gabriella, 4 class Mukachevo gymnasium, Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region. Director: Kireev, S. F. Technique: ceramic Sculpture...
To mom at Easter
 The winner of the contest     Author: Popova Nastya, 11 years old (it's an egg made in...