Treatment of trousers: initial treatment details

Primary processing parts of the pants includes the following works:

  • check the details of the cut;
  • transfer lines, laying snares at the level of the waist, hips, thighs, knee, bottom, etc.;
  • treatment tucks, folds, attaching the extensions.

Before checking the details of the cut must be acquainted with normative and technical documentation. The test starts with the determination of the availability of parts cut according to a list or specification of details of the cut. Clarify constructive lines, the fabric, check the direction of the pile, the accuracy of the cutting parts in the directions of main and weft threads and the lack of textile marriage in the details of the cut.
The dimensional accuracy of the parts check by overlaying the patterns. If necessary, details cut precise, pointing them to the patterns finely honed chalk. Line thickness of the stroke should not exceed 0.1, see the Inner side of the line of the stroke must match exactly with the contour of the templates. The excess tissue is cut and again put the notch (control characters) to a depth not exceeding 0.5 cm Check the presence and correctness of all control characters. The details of the cut on the auxiliary patterns outline the location of the pockets, folds, loops, tucks, Princess seams and other elements.
Extensions to the rear parts of the pants are joined by a bridging seam vrazalic 1 cm with the pre-buttonhole cuts.
Treatment of trousers: initial treatment details

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