Processing pants: description of the appearance of

Processing pants: description of the appearance of
Description of the appearance of trousers is produced in sequence:

  • Of the product
  • Sex and age sign, style sign, appointment
  • The type of fabric, silhouette
  • A method of processing the upper edge of the pants
  • The closure
  • Description the front of the pants
  • Description the back of the pants
  • Description of the processing of the bottom of the pants
  • Description finishing elements
  • Lining description
  • Recommended sizes and growth
  • Description of the appearance of men's pants: Pants men's casual classic wool blend fabric, straight silhouette. The upper section of the trousers with a stitched waistband. Pants with zipper on the braid-zipper in the middle seam of the front piece with Velcro loops and a button the exposed ends of the belt. Front of the pants with soft pleats from the upper edge, side pockets slanted towards the side seam. The back of the pants with taliavini groove and Welt pockets with leaflets. The bottom of the trousers without cuffs. Pants with creases at the front and rear parts of the pants. The front of the trousers on the lining. Recommended growth 170-182, sizes 44-52.

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